“Felicity” Season 3 & 4 Archives

Brand Experience, Digital Strategy & Custom Site Design Official brand strategy for the show site during the third and fourth seasons included revamping the site’s look with a Flash UX and producing new features such as the Docuventary clips (with Greg Grunberg’s in-character mock interviews of the cast members, hunting for “spoilers”). Additional brand development included […]

Soundtracks :: USC Films

USC Student Films 1985 : “Prophecies” soundtrack (Dir. Brett Keenan) 1986 : “The Virus” soundtrack (Dir. Richard Hatem) 1987 : “An Afternoon Drive” soundtrack (Dir. Brad Wallace) 1987 : “Break In” soundtrack (Dir. Matt Reeves) 1987 : “Robidoe” soundtrack (Dir. Pat Reilly) 1987 : “The Courtyard” soundtrack (Dir. Cynthia Kaplan) 1988 : “Of Human Bondage” soundtrack  (Dir. Pat […]