Day For Night "Identity Montage"

Video / Portfolio Work Day For Night : Identity Montage from Day For Night. F53 Featured Work: Day For Night, Herb, 1042 Voiceworks, Avenir, Commit, Commercial Realty Consultants, Crestone Group, Contemporary Visual Arts, Bluebottles, DNA2Z, Editions La Nuit Americaine, Eric Scott, Found, King FM Soundsystem, Kunstfabriken, Mr. No-Logo, NIGHTfonts, NIGHTlinkRail Project, re:Fresh, Rhythm Factory, […]

Chris Pine “Epilepsy & First Aid” Video

Talk About It! PSA: Brand Experience, Editorial Design & Strategy Chris Pine Talks About It! “Epilepsy and First Aid” from Day For Night. is the Web site of the ‘Talk About It!’ Foundation. The Foundation, created by Greg Grunberg (star of HEROES, ALIAS, FELICITY), gives a voice to under-represented and misunderstood causes, including epilepsy. […]

Hollywood “Talks About It” at “Morning Glory” NYC Premiere

Video Editorial & Sound Design Talk About It!.org – “Morning Glory” New York City Premiere from Day For Night. New York City, Sunday November 7, 2010 — On the red carpet at the premiere of new movie “Morning Glory,” Harrison Ford, J.J. Abrams, Rachel McAdams and Jeff Goldblum talk candidly about epilepsy and hopes for a […]

Greg Grunberg “Welcome”

Talk About It! PSA: Brand Experience, Editorial Design & Strategy Greg Grunberg Talks About It! “Welcome” from Day For Night. was created by Greg Grunberg, star of NBC’s HEROES and the father of a child with epilepsy and unites Hollywood stars and epilepsy professionals to ask questions and to provide answers on epilepsy awareness. […]

Day For Night “Opening” Video

Motion Graphic Design & Brand Interstitial Day For Night – Title Day 070 from Day For Night. Animated by Jerry Witt (Motion City) with Eric Scott (Day For Night).

“Wildass” Viral (Interstitial) Video

Brand identity for “Wildass” – a creative consortium based in Venice, CA. The use of personal quotes and affirmations from the creative team forms the basis of the “subliminals” which flicker through the animation sequence. Art direction by Eric Scott (Day For Night). Music “Pykop/The Extra” by Rhythm Factory

NIGHTlinkRail "You Are Here" (D 44)

Interstitial Video, the web portal for “Internet Journey By Rail” launched its brand in association with Day For in early 2000 with this Flash website introduction by Eric Scott. Music by Kunstfabriken “Come Beat!” (Day 072) For more information:

Motion Design

Our consultative and creative services include the following for Motion Design: Video Design / Animation Flash (Web) Development Multimedia / Interactive Siteworks Yes, we recognize the importance of video design in your online and mainstream media communications. The goal is always to get a new pair of eyes watching and engaging with what you do best. We’ll […]