“04 Love” Photo Set on Flickr

We shall not create in the universe of others; only in the universe of self – but by creating love every day, we generate emotional prosperity, the very stuff dreams are made of. People… Faces… Animals… 118 photos added from between 2002_1120 & 2007_0514. 04 Love, a set on Flickr.

“03 Clarify” Photo Set on Flickr

We enhance messages by intensifying meaning; by bringing our own life experiences into focus – the end product engages a clearer relationship between “subject” and “audience.” Texts… Lettering… Signage… 118 images from between 2002_1130 – 2007_0513 03 Clarify, a set on Flickr.

“02 Create” Photo Set on Flickr

Do our own creations inform our abilities and desires to share this gift of inspiration with others? Surfaces… Manmade… Objects… Details: 81 photos from between 2002_1130 – 2007_0512 02 Create, a set on Flickr.

“01 Dream” Photo Set on Flickr

Do our dreams give us the drive to seek out the people and the things we love most? Color… Light… Textures… 118 photos added from between 2002_1120 & 2007_0511. 01 Dream, a set on Flickr.

Eric Scott “BPS” Photo Set 1996-1997

Battersea Power Station, a set on Flickr.

Digital Strategy

Main areas of Digital Strategy include our consultation and creative services in the following: Branding & Identity Sitework Viral Strategy Multimedia / Interactive Social Media B2B E-Commerce Day For Night would LOVE to sit down to have a chat with you. Not just to get to know you (honestly, that’s really a big part of […]

Social Media

Social media is at the heart of what you do to keep your name in front of your clients, your best friends and your competitors. You need to stay current with your social branding campaign in order to stay relevant. If you’re not already using all the social tools available to the best of your strengths, […]