About Day For Night : Music & Multimedia

MULTIMEDIA Day For Night Multimedia is full-service consultancy, providing strategic design and viral marketing solutions for web, print and new media. All forms of creative consultancy are of interest to our team. Let us be a creative catalyst to your organization or next project, provide you with a complete design solution, or anything in between. […]

Talk About It! :: Brand Campaign

Brand Experience & Site Design TalkAboutIt.org was devised by Greg Grunberg (star of Love Bites, The Client List, Heroes, ALIAS, Felicity), in collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation. TalkAboutIt.org unites celebrities and Hollywood stars to ask questions and to provide answers on epilepsy awareness, and invite change in the public’s false understanding and perceptions about epilepsy. […]

Chris Pine “Epilepsy & First Aid” Video

Talk About It! PSA: Brand Experience, Editorial Design & Strategy Chris Pine Talks About It! “Epilepsy and First Aid” from Day For Night. TalkAboutIt.org is the Web site of the ‘Talk About It!’ Foundation. The Foundation, created by Greg Grunberg (star of HEROES, ALIAS, FELICITY), gives a voice to under-represented and misunderstood causes, including epilepsy. […]

Greg Grunberg “Welcome”

Talk About It! PSA: Brand Experience, Editorial Design & Strategy Greg Grunberg Talks About It! “Welcome” from Day For Night. TalkAboutIt.org was created by Greg Grunberg, star of NBC’s HEROES and the father of a child with epilepsy and unites Hollywood stars and epilepsy professionals to ask questions and to provide answers on epilepsy awareness. […]

“Dreifuss Station” for Talk About It!

Talk About It!: Viral Website Strategy, Design and Brand Experience This enigmatic sitework was officially retired on March 27, 2009, but the Dreifuss Station Preservation Society has enabled it to live on in perpetuity as the Pimlico arm of the TAI Express Railway Network; its original features richly preserved, in exacting detail. And once you’ve been […]

Peter Moraites “Sketchbook”

Interactive Portfolio A preliminary teaser for the official website for artist / director / illustrator Peter Moraites. Forming a virtual gallery of the artist’s own drawings from the pages of his many sketchbooks, this site, designed by Day For Night, offers yet another window into the creative mind that brought the world the imaginative videos “Simpletongue” and […]

INVIDI.com Flash Movie & Soundtrack

INVIDI “Web Intro 2004” from Day For Night. Invidi Technologies Corporation is the world’s leading targeted media solutions company. Their vision and expertise in building smart advertising systems has created substantial monetary value for the cable, satellite and advertising industries. Day For Night created their website’s introductory movie, in strategic association with Roam Creative. The soundtrack is […]

Day For Night: The Art Projects

Flash Sitework The Day For Night.com v. 2.0 Flash site, an encyclopedic monograph of our independent projects and original content development is now officially live. If you can actually believe that. https://www.dayfornight.com/flash

NIGHTlinkRail: Travel Planner download

Our “notorious” NIGHTlinkRail Travel Planner and Station Guide has been modified for the benefit of all rush-hour commuters. It is available as a Flash SWF.Please update your records and enjoy! Download for free: Travel Planner (FlashPlayer file/SWF) or Flash SWF (in ZIP archive)

“BPM Calculator” v1.3 (Day 008)

Download The BPM Calculator (Beats Per Minute)is a free compositional aid for musicians and DJs. It allows the user to calculate precise tempos, loop lengths, delays and key signature / pitch shifts. This popular tool is a free download as a desktop application for Macintosh and Windows. Download for free: Macintosh (bin-hex/.hqx file, opens using StuffitExpander): 352 kB Windows (.zip […]