About Day For Night : Music & Multimedia

MULTIMEDIA Day For Night Multimedia is full-service consultancy, providing strategic design and viral marketing solutions for web, print and new media. All forms of creative consultancy are of interest to our team. Let us be a creative catalyst to your organization or next project, provide you with a complete design solution, or anything in between. […]

Day For Night “Art Is.” (Day 083)

Art Projects / Mixed Media An occasional art project series, in which the medium shifts from painting, illustration, abstract web UX and other forms external to the digital realm, and within the plastic arts.

1994-1998 : Eric Scott Art Direction Portfolio

Immediately prior to launching a full-time career in 1998 as Creative Director with Day For Night, Eric Scott was Art Director with WorldWest Communications, and worked with recording industry clients Sony Music International and Zebra Records, to produce packaging design for some of their top artists. In 1995, Sony Music International, in association with Toto‘s representation Fitzgerald-Hartley, issued a […]

Print & Packaging Design

Work: BBC Motion Gallery Event Logic (book) Andy Lakey “Unencountered” (book) Andy Lakey “Angel Magic 108” (book)

1998 – Present : Day For Night Client Portfolio

April 1998 marked the start date of Eric Scott’s career as Creative Director with Day For Night Multimedia. After a very productive “re-invention hiatus” of three months, re-focusing priorities from his previous role as Art Director with WorldWest Communications, Eric moved all of his attention on developing a compact and flexible studio environment; one which […]

1991 – Present :: Day For Night Label

Art Direction Eric Scott, Art & Musical Director for Day For Night: “With instrumental, and especially textural electronic music, the primary relevance of music is clearest – namely, that music doesn’t really mean anything – it doesn’t need all sorts of lyrics and words and gimmicks in order to be successful.” Therefore, it feels appropriate that […]