Peter Moraites :: Official Site

Custom Sitework It’s finally here – the official website for renaissance man and VJ, illustrator, writer, director, graphic artist, motion graphics editor and composer Peter Moraites. Forming a virtual gallery of the artist’s own videos, music, writings and notes from the pages of his many sketchbooks, this site offers yet another window into the creative mind […]

Day For Night: The Art Projects

Flash Sitework The Day For v. 2.0 Flash site, an encyclopedic monograph of our independent projects and original content development is now officially live. If you can actually believe that. Sitework

The site formerly known as Day For Night v. 1.0 has now migrated over to its permanent new home, the fictitious domain of Click on over to take a mystery tour, and experience unprecedented travel delays and scenic brickwork from this link. A splendid wait is still guaranteed for all.

Day For Night "Legacy" Sitework. Custom Sitework

Eric: “Intended originally as a reference site with artist’s monograph, I stopped updating this site in the late ’90s as I began to use Day For more formally  to share an increasing number of writings and works. Therefore it’s now a legacy site work which for me is kept special by the bizarre opening […]