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MULTIMEDIA Day For Night Multimedia is full-service consultancy, providing strategic design and viral marketing solutions for web, print and new media. All forms of creative consultancy are of interest to our team. Let us be a creative catalyst to your organization or next project, provide you with a complete design solution, or anything in between. […]

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Announcing New Music Uploads:  Visit NIGHTblog [ Day 082 ] Finally, our chance to share the music produced in-studio every day – to keep our attendees up-to-date about what happens during the apparent lulls between landmark postings announcing album releases on the Day For Night imprint. Our decision to post new work, MP3s and Podcasts as they happen […]

“The Creative Process” Eric Scott

Design, Interview & Editorial This interview with Eric Scott, conducted by Prof. Aaron Prevots of Southwestern University for his series “The Creative Process” and covering topics ranging from the beginnings of Day For Night, the power of influence, and artistic and business strategy. Read this interview: The Creative Process: Eric Scott Interview Part 1 The Creative Process: Eric Scott […]

Got happiness?

If you want what you cannot have (and therefore don’t want what you can have), then create want, by first creating a belief that you cannot have what you already do have.

Mark my words.

The next big thing will be unfriendly, but catchy.

Creation #4.

Feel this deliberately: “I am going to feel truly pissed off now. For 10 minutes.” “How does that feel?”


The phone ringing throws me into a brief panic. In a work day, there’s simply too many sales calls incoming to risk the gamble of ending up on the phone talking to a wasteful stranger, and not to have it be a one-sided call you’d otherwise prefer to hang up on. “It’s someone who wants […]

Navigation idea.

Represented as an object or tool, like a remote control, or a pair of binoculars, that you keep with you throughout the experience; when pulled out, can take you to a new information level.

Process #5.

Videotape of the Day 024 rehearsal: An audioVisual record of the Day 024 rehearsal: Elements: Gtr + Pod –> Mixpad | Room mic –> Mixpad | –> Camera L&R CD (drums)–> Mixpad | Picture is: eric playing the guitar to a prerecorded CD track of drum groove… Music stand with parts… these are “fed” by […]

What is this new road?

A road to a more enlightened age, pulling away from the downward spiral that cultural illiteracy or post-literacy seems to be indicating. Accelerated technology and planned obsolescence should not be the focus. A decreased emphasis on MULTImedia as a road for channel surfing, net surfing, browsing. Attention spans need to grow longer, not shorter. Technology […]