Let's create what we prefer.

It’s an amazing world, and let’s do that; create what we prefer. Let us always create what we prefer. Let us create something of our own choosing, and allow ourselves the space around that creation, to become a “breathing zone”, for what we choose for ourselves. To support our higher selves — our truest version […]

My reality.

(Even more than sex…) I fantasize about a tolerant, patient, open-minded society which can handle revolution and rejects the musical spectacle

A hierarchy for creating results.

Why is it important that others align with their higher self, to find this understanding? The goal of all life is, ultimately, to create happiness by meeting all the needs for survival, followed by the needs that lead to self actualization. Maslow identifies this with his hierarchy of needs, which ascends in 5 levels (physiological, […]

Mind the gap.

She/He may be limited… in space… in experience… in money… in patience… in food… in sexual knowledge… in out of body experience… in good life experience… in bad times… she or he may be limited in time.