Identity: An image of 2 people kissing before a twilit bay.

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Without labels or genres.

Current policy is to remove harmful or limiting adjectives from any stage of the creative, or music-making process. As I began to use language that felt free of terminology, labeling or artistic judgment, I found that I also felt happier about much of it. Instead, I was favoring a system of organizing music by its […]

Process #1. Developing content, via consistency.

Begin by putting all the ideas into a kind of bag. This restores a greater degree of equality between each idea. This, in turn, builds awareness of the effects (sometimes adverse) which labels can have upon our beliefs about what we create and do. So de-labeling at the beginning, that is a system that works […]

Musical chairs.

I have limited attention and like to work on only one project at a time. But often, I’m required to manage many more, and so my attention is continually being divided between what I feel I should be doing and what I prefer to be doing. So, each week at Day For Night, Thursday is […]