We can do this the easy way…

Or the difficult way, but nobody really wants to do that. You adopt this stance Recognizing the commonsense/emotional component of doing something Being kind, helpful, efficient. It serves a very logical side of the brain as well as a compassionate one, being efficient means being considerate to oneself; a simplification that makes life enjoyable. And […]

Time + Energy = Value

I’m not a fan of doing anything twice. And if I can avoid exhausting personalities and just stay focused all day, then that’s a truly good thing. I guess it all works out.  

Process #2. Gimme more output!

For me personally, working digitally means that I have a tendency to organize and database certain types of work-in-progress, as a precursor to a lot of the work that I do. For example, in 2003, I finally worked out a relational system for organizing my output, allowing me to work even faster. The prime objective […]

The visual art of storytelling.

So much goes into the art of narrative, not the least of which is the work. Like when the teachers said, “show your work” because you needed to prove that you knew what you were doing whenever you got the right answer. This unfolds many, many hours of “proof”. Where to begin? Thus far, I […]

Bloody artists…

I was faced with the proposal of doing a distillation of my work for a cd-rom, but in the end, I voted against it, because I simply did not want to present a reduction or derivation. So there’s a dual motive; most importantly, there’s the artistic one that says that an object is an object, […]

Working digitally.

Being a digital artist is a term we hear more and more of. Perhaps it really describes more of an attitude – it’s about how we get organize our work to get digital results, rather than merely being a symptom of using a few of the tools; Photoshop and a drawing tablet alone do not […]