I ended up realizing a production goal that year. I digitized and organized my entire back catalogue that year, beginning with those tapes, and including all my 4-tracks, work tapes, DATs, Sound FX, Loops and Samples. Recording became an activity organized from a single hard drive, and with an incremental back up process takign place […]


This work was produced using two hand-held recorders. The difference in timing is accounted for by the variations in playback speeds on the individual recorders, when the two recordings are laid side by side. Additional variations were produced by varying the speaker’s location in relation to the two recorders.


It took 7 years to figure out how I wanted to make music again. What it boiled down to was, I wanted making music to be easy, and free of a lengthy accounting or “clean-up” phase. I also resented how I’d cornered myself using MIDI prior to 1993 — I was afraid of picking up […]

Recording (Process #3).

Between 1993 and 2000, I recorded every musical idea on a cassette tape using a dictaphone. I did my best to put dates on the cassettes when I’d finish them, although by the October of 2000, I had 88 C-90s, filled front and back with junk, musical snatches, amusing phone messages, personal journal entries, creative […]