Navigation idea.

Represented as an object or tool, like a remote control, or a pair of binoculars, that you keep with you throughout the experience; when pulled out, can take you to a new information level.

Process #5.

Videotape of the Day 024 rehearsal: An audioVisual record of the Day 024 rehearsal: Elements: Gtr + Pod –> Mixpad | Room mic –> Mixpad | –> Camera L&R CD (drums)–> Mixpad | Picture is: eric playing the guitar to a prerecorded CD track of drum groove… Music stand with parts… these are “fed” by […]

What is this new road?

A road to a more enlightened age, pulling away from the downward spiral that cultural illiteracy or post-literacy seems to be indicating. Accelerated technology and planned obsolescence should not be the focus. A decreased emphasis on MULTImedia as a road for channel surfing, net surfing, browsing. Attention spans need to grow longer, not shorter. Technology […]

The past no longer exists.

The future of the web relies upon: 1. The quickest route to finding the content that interests you… 2. Finding better ways (and more of them) to use the Internet to make money, either by utilizing content, or by providing it. Remember…you decide; you draw your own conclusions… The only punishable question is the one […]


A walk-in or walk-thru magazine…a living periodical. Every month, the gallery changes. It is advertised, at newsstands, on television, and in other periodicals, with a repro cover image and masthead, but exists only in person…Readers may subscribe to it, and receive a discount…It is closed two days at month’s ending for set-up and reinstallation. Meanwhile, […]


How can the word “dynamic” apply to meaning? Perhaps we can create a context where we pre-visualize a setting – a site where the “interactive reading is to take place — and basing the rest upon a pre-history — namely, the user’s own back-story – he or she can assimilate new fiction as an ongoing […]