What are the Days?

Consider each Catalogue number to be a self-contained thesis in the Post-Situationist-International (SI). Consider each Day to be a looser definition of time; much like the interpretative measurement of days in the biblical sense.

The Swift, integrated Spectacle.

The integration of the Spectacle represents a point where the marketing messages of the corporate broadcast environment intersects and forms a grey zone with the detourned messages of independent thinkers…One might say that the Revolution will be televised. That’s definitely one way to look at it. The spectacle rejects the value of real experience, by […]

The global brain…

There’s also the global brain theory, which is really interesting. The global brain exists, and according to writer Peter Moraites, the next phase of collective consciousness is inevitable. It’s the next level we move on to, beyond the state that appears to be amassed with chaos and entropy. Today we are meta-particles, bumping into one […]


It’s one of many photos; a young man with a slight grin, holding up a sign he’s made with the following words on it, “Everything is connected in life. The point is to know it, and to understand it.” It’s contained in this beautiful quote, located in Gillian Wearing’s project “Signs That Say What You […]

A title and a process.

Just that, nothing more.

And naturally, it must all be experienced…

What I mean by this, is that the only artifacts of early Situationism are the words…This is what a mostly-failed movement could offer, if not for the inclusion of Fluxus style lightness to divert and to subvert. No website that writes about Post-Situationism, without also “detourning” at the same time could be of any real […]

The modern (public) space may also be subverted to this end.

Subverting the public space of the web has been Day For Night’s m.o. since 1995, when it began to create NIGHTlinkRail, NoelCrane.com and numerous web presences for the show ALIAS. The objective of such diversion was to distract and amuse, to subvert and shake. Since, this has become absorbed into the “Integrated Spectacle” — it […]


It is by coincidence that the use of a realist metaphor, that subverting the language of advertising can become a big part of how something like that gets presented. For example, we have Simon Patterson’s “The Great Bear”, joining the world’s public persona, engineers, comedians, royalty, planets and major philosophers on a tube map; the […]

Invocation and the integrated Spectacle.

I’ve always had this passion for fiction intertwining with reality, and blurring those edges – especially where these either make for a good dialogue about life and art. Perhaps it even fulfills a need I have; for irony to find a home in art. The effect of bringing lightness and humor to every experience now […]

Internet Theatre.

Words, to describe pictures of people who use words and pictures, to describe places and things. The Situationists were a league of French political artists during the latter 20th century, whose slant on social reform took the form of a surreal post-Dadaist manipulation of word and text. Often, their détournements (diversions) involved the supplanting of […]