So what is Day For Night?

Day For Night originated in 1991 as a recording imprint and independent-projects label, based out of Santa Monica, California. Promoting multimedia while emphasizing a lightly-branded, personalized design style, Day For Night CD releases to date include works in contemporary music and new media released on CD, CD-R and the web. In nearly-equal parts, the Day […]

Idea 5.

It pays to be reliable. It also really pays to be flexible. It is the promise of joint partnership, such as an invitation to participate in an affair, even in an observational capacity. Like the look of a young woman, whose parents are driving her mad. It is a massive hormonal buildup. Everything about her […]

Light, blind.

There is much additional creative that takes the form of lightness in dark — licht und blindheit — light and blindness? We expose the means and methods perhaps, but in so doing, we are to remain simple and unaffected. Perhaps it was Greenaway’s intention to do the same, using the text of the script as […]


Years ago, I remember a friend pointing out that a piece of music I played her off a CD sounded so simple – too simple. She said she could have done it. Using spoons. OK. So what’s wrong with that statement? Easy, it was a negative; it was a dismissal of the first artist’s work, […]

Day For Night vs. Eric Scott

I was at a multimedia conference in San Francisco, and became momentarily obsessed with typing this when I should have been listening to the speakers. Truth is, I was listening — it was to Hillman Curtis, who inspired me so much that I went into “processing” mode — which is where I free-associate, and instead […]


For me, Day For Night has never been about any political or social issues, because these really don’t, on the whole, interest me. Want a list of things that interest me? Here: inspiration people loneliness noise order chaos values (like-mindedness) And the list goes on, but none of these are hot issues. So the only […]

What was Day For Night?

Well, things do change over time, and it appears that each year, I had the impetus to sit down and try to define Day For Night in a new way that got me excited, and would trigger an opportunity to share something unique. Here’s one of the more pointless, and pompous attempts: What is Day […]

What else is Day For Night?

Day For Night has evolved primarily by means of accretion of music-based projects, articulated via an ongoing artistic monologue, and interpreted through audiovisual design; As inspiration enters this process, ideas are formed and recorded early in any media for an immediate response; This tension created by this intuitive-intellectual response informs the Day For Night catalogue, […]

I am never bored.

Personal expression sells. I derive my client work from pre-existing personal work. Ideas are neither good nor bad, but are merely awaiting to be positioned, and to find their ideal home. Personal tastes have always been a starting point for any work worth creating; therefore I have (essentially) close personal relationships with my clients and […]

I am alone, but…

Some of my work is predominantly about loneliness. We write about what we know. I was born alone, have lived alone, and assume that even when we die, we die, probably, alone. Grim, to some, maybe. To me, this is simply fact, and it lacks any particular charge – it is as potentially helpful, as […]