Three years later, I was on a rampage, trying to explain my website to the programmers I would interview, about helping me complete an algorithmic system for generating, on-the-fly, a NIGHTlink station (or “project”, like when you go into a derelict part of urban life where a tenement is referred to as “the Projects” because […]

Take an internet journey-by-rail.

Back when I worked for a studio, not many people understood me, and it was often hard taking credit – or getting credit – for my ideas, because what I was best at rarely materialized in the finished work. So I haven’t included much of that work in my portfolio – it just doesn’t seem […]

From darkness.

…I entered NIGHTlinkRail’s gateway and descended into the extranet that Tuesday, via Station 019. I had a handful of quarters and a haversack, filled with my camera, my steno pad, my walkman (listening to Paris: A Musical Overpass all the way here. What a blast to imagine actually being able to go there from here…or […]

Never underestimate trains.

We understand them: they’re regular, on time (mostly) and we like to ride them. It’s important that we learn to connect every new idea with at least one we already understand. That’s all.  


…2 years earlier, I didn’t know much yet about the web. To better understand it, I wrote, conceived and designed this thing, and titled it an “Internet Journey-by-Rail.” I needed some inner clarification, while developing the abstract for the connected relationship between separate Days of the catalogue (for which I am presenting 100 total) and […]

NIGHTlinkRail (dot.com).

The NightLinkRail model is really about the generation and spreading of ideas via the web. It’s a numbers game. The bigger it gets, the more plausible it looks; and the more people who see it, the more people will hopefully talk about it… “Hey, I’ve just seen the craziest thing…It’s just too deep to be […]

NIGHTlinkRail (too).

The real beef is this – because I keep on asking myself, “How might we view Situationism as most truly relevant today, when we are becoming further immune to Guy Debord’s definition of a society deceived by spectacle? His later admonitions had more to do with a full, but depressed appreciation for how society appears […]

NIGHTlinkRail : Are you commuter literate?

NIGHTlinkRail, an experimental sitework launched in 1997 by DayForNight.com, is a network composed of 100 individual train stations. It parallels the online catalogue of the Day For Night musical imprint, in the form of a series of Railway Stations along what I’ve been referring to as “An Internet Journey-By-Rail.” After descending via escalator into the […]

The train ride.

16:20 Descent from street, onto platform 16:20 Move past the accordionist. 16:26 The train departs. 16:31 Platform ambience 16:35 Next train arrives, departs. 16:44 Listen to amusing female voice intoning “Mind the gap” 16:45 Board train 16:53 Listen to tube chatter 17:10 Get off train 17:14 Embankment arrival