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Bluebottles "Bluebottles" Day / download

Bluebottles “Bluebottles” Day / download

“Bluebottles” (Day 087) merges faux-nostalgia, breakfast-jazz and anemic (I think he means ‘anthemic’ – Ed.) 1930’s dance-band jingleism, to create a parody of a much maligned genre. Musical director Eric Scott proclaims “Jazz is part of much that is Day For Night… but that’s a relative statement.

Bluebottles - aka Eric Scott of Day For Night“Improvisation is at the root of almost all of my own composition. I’m by no means a formalist. There are moments when I put on someone else’s definition of jazz, and frankly, that can be absolute murder to sit through. So somewhere toeing that line, there lives a peculiar but friendly hybrid of big-band, comedy-fusion and acid-breakfast jazz. That’s what Bluebottles is about; getting out a miniature Union Jack, putting on a carnation, doing that WW1-period crossword and spreading your legs to some light buffoonery over your eggs benedict and clotted cream. You won’t be disappointed.”