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Rhythm Factory (Eric Scott) “Play Pop!” Day / download

In the late 1980s, and on into the year 1990, Rhythm Factory remixed a total of 11 tracks by Eric Scott, as “Play Pop!” (Day 012). These tracks signaled, for Eric, a shift away from indie-pop songwriting, pushing him further into the realm of the underground club mix. Vocal takes originally recorded were stripped down or even removed, often replaced altogether with chattering sequencer lines and samples. Song structures were deconstructed and verses modified, often favoring increased expedition of the product. Soon after, all parties could see a new musical objective emerging…

Rhythm Factory take the music of Eric Scott and apply a continually shifting musical palette, distilling in some cases, and messing around as always. Day 012 is an archival recording, and as is the nature of club music, certain mixes fall, at times, from the height of fashion; some sounds even become dated or slightly silly. We believe they should. “Pop” is a pastiche of the late 80s and early 90s music. Future Music or Retro? We can never have too much of either. “We are looking forward to the breakdown of the singularity in the art-object; people are no longer designing finished works, but unfinished ones, to be remixed, restructured. We are no longer consumers of “finished” work…Are we unfinished? Are we unfinishable?”