Talk About It! :: Brand Campaign

Brand Experience & Site Design was devised by Greg Grunberg (star of Love Bites, The Client List, Heroes, ALIAS, Felicity), in collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation. unites celebrities and Hollywood stars to ask questions and to provide answers on epilepsy awareness, and invite change in the public’s false understanding and perceptions about epilepsy. […]

Various Artists “OverCast” Podcast

Day For Night Podcast Series / Downloads “OverCast” is a themed series of eclectic podcast mixes (genres ranging from fringe electronica, drum ‘n’ bass, trip-hop and downtempo, avant-garde-jazz-classical, spoken-word sound collage) and curated by the Day For Night artists Eric Scott, Salvador Dalek, Peter Moraites and more. A one-time subscription to the free podcast (RSS) feed below will […]

“Morning Glory” NYC Premiere to Benefit “Talk About It!”

Talk About It! PSA: Brand Experience, Editorial Design & Strategy Washington, D.C., November 11, 2010 PRNewswire The Epilepsy Foundation’s National Epilepsy Awareness Month gets a boost from Paramount Pictures and JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions with a red-carpet affair and after party for Morning Glory, starring Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, and Rachel McAdams. The event benefits, created […]

Andy Lakey “Portraits”

Brand Experience, Custom Site Design & Development Silhouettes & Shadows is an ongoing experimental project of Andrew Lakey portraits, that examines the liminal boundaries of likeness using a minimum of subject information to generate the threshold of stimulus of sufficient intensity to produce a similarity. The process of capturing the mere tracing of a shadow […]

Salvador Dalek “Spelling Test Video Party"

DVD Launch Event The evening of Saturday, May 20, 2006 marked the date for the Peter Moraites “Spelling Test” video album Launch Party, at Ocean Front Gallery, along the legendary henna-tatooed, roller-blading boardwalk in Venice, CA. Many thanks are due all-around to the friends who so kindly attended and contributed to the evening’s success. After sundown, […]

Andy Lakey “Silhouettes & Shadows”

Video and Brand Experience Design Andy Lakey “Silhouettes & Shadows” Intro from Day For Night. In 2004, artist Andy Lakey began to refine a collection of extraordinary work – Silhouettes & Shadows (“The Portraits”) – exploring a remarkable visual world revealed from the human form. Eric Scott (Day For Night) animated the opening site montage from paintings and stills, […]

1991 – Present :: Day For Night Label

Art Direction Eric Scott, Art & Musical Director for Day For Night: “With instrumental, and especially textural electronic music, the primary relevance of music is clearest – namely, that music doesn’t really mean anything – it doesn’t need all sorts of lyrics and words and gimmicks in order to be successful.” Therefore, it feels appropriate that […]