Asserting identities.


10-2003-0508-eric-scott-day-for-night-video2You see, all the stations, all the artists are my identities…They’re always an extension of me.

No identities are fixed. All identities are the product of change. They flow, and are not meant to be rigid entities.

So in the end, I can weave a good story, but I can also be a bit of a control freak, and what happens there is that the art, the music, the counter-narrative themes, or whatever, they become so me that nobody else knows how to get involved properly. Which can be sad really, as it’s meant to inspire, while at the same time, overwhelming the end user is one way I like to create that particular distinction in art.


Basically, what this suggests, is that “the thicker the book, the more credible the author and their information.” Sound familiar? I wrestled with the idea of the length of this book. And of the breadth of content on my CD-rom.