Live for today.

The degree of stress we have in our life is determined by the creations we resist, or identify ourselves with. Some work-throughs: Learn to recognize a need for attention, vs. a want for attention. Also, the ignorant may be charged a stupidity tax, especially when there is a surfeit of apathy. Today, be present and […]


I am continuously reminded that I always have a choice. I can become consumed by greed, attempting to make any thing as big as I can, or, I can create it deliberately on a scale, such that I can also still fully appreciate it. When I remember to create in relation to scale, and appreciation, […]

The non-image.

The goal in packaging electronic, minimalistic and ambient music seems less connected to the traditional aspects of advertising and marketing; up-selling a potential client on a new look or a model that is desirable or simply unattainable; but rather, to resonate a sympathetic chord with the listener; to hit them on a more abstract level, […]

War Brand Strategy.

OK. So “Operation Iraqi Freedom” starts up full force on our TVs on Tuesday, March 25. Only it’s got other names, on different net-works. CBS calls their spin on the war while NBC uses the president’s lingo, “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” Looks like someone’s sucking up a little. The nightly news on ABC actually features an […]

Is underground the sub-culture of cool?

To stay underground, you have to live what you believe in, at the potential expense of passing on any new temptations or riches. The lure of the underground is that if you could avoid jumping upon a capitalist bandwagon during your entire professional life, and stick to your guns forever (or for as long as […]

We like this.

I’m occasionally reminded of Tracey Emin becoming the subject of the 1999 Turner Prize nomination, and “My Bed” being notoriously at the center of attention at the Tate Britain, but I’ve always really dug her warmth, and when I got there and wandered through the rooms, taking in her video, her writings, quilts and drawings. […]


One might question whether I suffer from schizophrenia to trade under so many different names… Day For Night, Rhythm Factory, Found, Kunstfabriken, King FM, Bluebottles, NIGHTfonts, Salvador Dalek… Eric Scott? Yes, perhaps in the creative sense I have trouble resisting identities…or too much spare time to think. Perhaps (also) my reasoning originates with a desire […]

Asserting identities.

You see, all the stations, all the artists are my identities…They’re always an extension of me. No identities are fixed. All identities are the product of change. They flow, and are not meant to be rigid entities. So in the end, I can weave a good story, but I can also be a bit of […]

Independent artist's statement.

As an independent artist and designer, I have deliberately avoided some of the limitations, both of specialized areas of work and the obligations of commitment required in a design studio environment. I prefer to work alone, allowing myself more room to experiment and change, and to choose commissions of a wider diversity (from web creation […]