Rhythm Factory (Eric Scott) “Technopolitan” Day 002.cd / download

Rhythm Factory “Technopolitan” Day 002.cd / download

Technopolitan by Rhythm Factory [ Day 002 ]

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Rhythm Factory’s “Technopolitan” (Day 002) was realized in 1991 as a solo remix endeavor for producer/composer Eric Scott, in which he recontextualises 15 of his favorite self-penned indie pop tracks. Fueled in equal parts by obsessions with Belgian New Beat, Electronic Body Music and Acid House, the mix becomes a single work of groove-based electronica, taking form across a two-day (sleepless) production marathon mix/edit session.

The result is an experiment in the fringe of listening and driving music. Like a train journey, Technopolitan speeds along a single set of rails for thirty minutes, while new electronic landscapes emerge and fly past. Also joined by four-to-the-floor and hip-house variations on “Once Is Not Enough,” Day 002 concludes with “Thank You K.V.,” a tentative but compelling deep house finale.